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Kitchen stuff

As I mentioned in an earlier post we have bought an apartment that is being built and won´t be ready for another 15-18 months. But, this autumn we are actually going to design and order our kitchen! We don´t have a plan yet, but a lot of wishes, and a lot of different things we like. I think we will go for something quite clean and neutral when it comes to the kitchen itself, and then spice it up with fun furniture and details to give it personality. Here is a small selection of my favorite kitchen accessories at the moment!

1. Hester chair, Habitat

2. Food storage “Gro” by Victoria Günzler

3. Kitchen accessories, HAY

4. Pendant lamp, IKEA PS

5. J104 + J77, HAY

6. Plus Salt and Pepper mills, Norway Says for Muuto

7. Geometrical tiles, Heath Ceramics

8. Catrineholm Lotus Nesting Bowls, Etsy

9. DIY dipped wooden utensils, House of Ernest

10. Tea Towels, HAY

11. Flap Wall Clock, Habitat

12. Kitchen art print, My Retro Nest, Etsy

13. Pantone Mugs

14.Kitchen Aid mixer

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Beautiful wooden boxes, Hopper by Kaschkasch Cologne.

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The Mod Collective

Valissa Butterworth of The Mod Collective creates really beautiful lamps and tableware. The different designs are developed with CAD software and are 3D printed, and then each piece is molded and cast by hand with porcelain. By using pigment directly in the porcelain at the slip stage the material gets a beautiful and deep color.

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Bread spoons

These spoons are designed by Niels Datema for measuring bread ingredients. Each ceramic container holds the right amount of each of the ingredients needed; water, flour, oil, sugar and yeast. The wooden handles are labeled, so making home-made bread has never been easier! Source Designboom

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I like the new HAY product “Steel”, made by Swedish graphic designer Clara von Zweigbergk. The metal trays are available in five different geometric shapes and many sizes and colors, and can be nestled within one another. Source Designboom

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Such lovely products from British store Mjölk.

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Modular glass storage

Sarah Böttger’s Juuri is really clever. It allows you to build your own objects by combining different glass and rubber parts, and in this way creating containers, jugs, glasses, vases or decanters. By using a flexible ring and fitted plastic lids it is possible to combine and close them. All the glass parts derive from the same basic bottle shape, just cut of in eight different parts of the shape. (Source Co.Design)


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Xiral Segard

I´m not always a fan of concrete, but I like the work of Xiral Segard. The concrete pavement (PROTOTYPE PLAYTIME) with a graphic pattern is lovely, and the adjustable vase (VASE KONKURÏTO) is really cool. By removing layers, or stacking the the parts in different ways, you can adjust the height of the vase to fit different flowers – and you can also use it as a storage container with lid. With delicate shades of gray it is both practical and decorative.

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While we wait – Avvento candle holders, designed by Marianne Nielsen for Kähler

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Graph paper

Ceramic paper plates by Joshua Gajownik

Vintage graph paper magnets and buttons, Etsy

Milimeters PVC Sack

Tea Towels by Cathy Hutton

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