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Indoor Clouds

Dutch artist Berdnaut Smilde creates clouds – inside empty spaces! By regulating the temperature and humidity in the room, and then spraying a short burst from a fog machine, a cloud forms in the air and is photographed before disappearing. The images are really stunning, and amazingly enough there is no Photoshopping involved!

1. Nimbus D’Aspremont
2. Nimbus II
photo: Cassander Eeftinck Schattenkerk
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Broccoli House

Perhaps the worlds smallest tree house? By Brock Davis.

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Painting with a typewriter

Came across this awesome typewriter via Colossal. This conceptual art piece is made by painter Tyree Callahan, and is in fact a modified 1937 Underwood Standard typewriter. By replacing the letters with color pads, and placing matching hued labels on the keys it has become a “painting device” called the Chromatic Typewriter. Very very cool!

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Morten Tyholt

A few years ago I went to the same school as this guy, Morten Tyholt, and his paintings are beautiful. I find the contrast in technique and subject interesting. I like the unexpected motifs, and that he uses objects you wouldn’t usually think “deserves” so much attention.

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