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Jenni Juurinen

Quirky and beautiful images by Finish set designer/ decorating editor/ stylist Jenni Juurinen.         You should check out her website, I had a hard time choosing which images to show here – and there are many more great ones!

photographer Jorma Marstio

photographer Mirva Kakko

photographer Jorma Marstio

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Have a great monday everyone!

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This is so amazing, I really want a Polaboy! Check out Lightboys lightboxes here.


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Spanish brand Sancal have so many great products, and I really love their product photo styling.

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Spring time

Spring is here, and it´s wonderful!! YAY!

Sources, from the top:

1+2 Sparkling Glitter

Glittering Bitch

La Douleur Exquise

Hydrangeas & Magnolias

Urban Outfitters


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Magnus Anesund

I have shown some of Magnus Anesunds photographs before here and here, but a great thing is worth repeating… I keep falling for his images when I see them, without knowing they are all taken by the same person. I guess it´s a bit to do with the atmosphere and amazing colors in the images.

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Broccoli House

Perhaps the worlds smallest tree house? By Brock Davis.

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Lo Bjurulf

These lovely images are all styled by Lo Bjurulf. Her portfolio shows so many beautiful photos it was hard to choose just a few… All these images are for paint manufacturer Nordsjö färg, I might have to make another post another time, to show some more.

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The stylist´s guide to NYC

I just bought “The stylist´s guide to NYC”, by Interior stylist Sibella Court. The book reveals her favorites places in in New York City, with a great collection of stores, galleries, markets and “refuelling stops” arranged into areas of interest, such as ‘Furniture & Interiors’, ‘Haberdashery, Handmade & Vintage Textiles’, and ‘Art and Objets’. The guide also contains city survival tips, maps and indexes.

The book is so beautiful in itself, in addition to being informative; with matte heavyweight paper, lovely photographs and a great layout (and you even get a separate fold-out-map that looks good enough to be framed and hung on the wall). I´m looking forward to our next trip to NY (whenever that may be…) – in the meantime I´ll just enjoy reading about all these wonderful places…


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