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DIY Notebook

I´ll be trying this great folded notebook DIY from Design Love Fest. Complete with tutorial, informative images and even gif animation, this looks fun and easy!

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string-tie envelopes

This easy DIY project can be found complete with tutorial and free templates over at MiniEco.

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Moo business cards

Last year, when I was making business cards, I came across Moo printing company online. There you can upload your own designs, and the best part is that there’s the option to print a different image or design on every single card in a pack of 50 (or maybe two, three, four different designs…) – with no additional costs.

Great for making a “mini-portfolio” with images of your different work, and then letting people choose which design they want when you´re giving out your business cards. The quality of the paper and printing is really good, and there are different formats (mini, regular) and shapes (rounded corners) to choose from. You also receive the cards in sturdy cardboard boxes… Pretty great!!

All images from Moo Website


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Graph paper

Ceramic paper plates by Joshua Gajownik

Vintage graph paper magnets and buttons, Etsy

Milimeters PVC Sack

Tea Towels by Cathy Hutton

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Typographic Wall Calendar

Check out Harald Geislers Typographic Wall Calendar. It´s composed of old keyboard keys, and is really cool!


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Advent Calendars

Customizable advent calendar by Noix de Coc´, available from Bodie and Fou. Each paper cube have two blank sides that can be decorated by the giver, or the receiver.

Also a great way to reuse your old tin cans – spray paint them and put on numbers in different fonts.

Or use mason jars with nice tags.

Last two images via Furniture and Design

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Present & Correct

Notebooks and stamps from the lovely Etsy shop Present & Correct.

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