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At the moment I’m enjoying the final night of my twenties- tomorrow it’s my 30th birthday, and I’m celebrating it in France with nine of the best people I know! Yay!! I’ll be back on sunday- until then have a great week and weekend!!


Spring time

Spring is here, and it´s wonderful!! YAY!

Sources, from the top:

1+2 Sparkling Glitter

Glittering Bitch

La Douleur Exquise

Hydrangeas & Magnolias

Urban Outfitters


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Still-life and Collage Cabinet

Really nice, and refreshingly nontraditional bathroom furniture, by Swedish designer Sigrid Strömgren in collaboration with the Italian bathroom brand Ex.t. I love that it doesn’t scream “bathroom”, and the color palette is so great!

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Xiral Segard

I´m not always a fan of concrete, but I like the work of Xiral Segard. The concrete pavement (PROTOTYPE PLAYTIME) with a graphic pattern is lovely, and the adjustable vase (VASE KONKURÏTO) is really cool. By removing layers, or stacking the the parts in different ways, you can adjust the height of the vase to fit different flowers – and you can also use it as a storage container with lid. With delicate shades of gray it is both practical and decorative.

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Volkswagen Beetle 2012

I´m really not a “car person”, so you won´t find many post like this here. But; I appreciate good design. I love nostalgia. And the new Volkswagen Beetle is definitely cool! Of course, it´s not as quirky and cute as the original model. However, I like how they have managed to combine the retro feel, and the traditional charm and sweetness, with a more modern and sporty look. I think it actually works really well… It looks like a friendly and kindhearted car – but with an attitude!

All images, VW

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Rope jewellery

I really like the rope jewellery, especially the necklaces, by Los Angeles based designer Tanya Aguiñiga. Available in some LA stores, and online here.

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MNKR apparel

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Typographic Wall Calendar

Check out Harald Geislers Typographic Wall Calendar. It´s composed of old keyboard keys, and is really cool!


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Paola coats

The water-repellent coats from Norwegian designer Paola are so great! They come in six different models; my favorites are the ones printed with the traditional Norwegian “Marius” knitting pattern. I love that the fabric doesn’t feel like ordinary rain coats, it feels more like a regular light-weight jacket that can be worn in any kinds of weather.

Inside every garment there is a printed Paola calendar to highlight important issues, initiatives and projects, like World Cancer Day, Earth Hour and World Laughter Day.

Detail showing the traditional Norwegian-style buckles on the sleeves.

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Robin & Mould

Robin & Mould is one of my Etsy favorites, I really love their printed pillows! You can visit their shop, or have a look at their blog.

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