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Merry Christmas

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy Christmas! Hope you all get to enjoy some quality time with family or friends!

I’m on holiday with the worst internet connection ever…But I’m not complaining cause the sun is shining, and I have time to read books! I might drop by here a few times but it will be quite quiet the next couple of weeks. But I’ll be back, and I hope you will keep visiting me!



Printable xmas tree

If you haven´t got room for a real tree maybe this is a solution? Free HP printable holiday tree found here, and 9 other fun DIY ideas for alternative trees over at Apartment Therapy.

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While we wait – Avvento candle holders, designed by Marianne Nielsen for Kähler

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Knitted gift wrapping paper

Norwegian advertising agency Tibe T has designed cool gift wrapping paper with a knitted pattern for Eplehuset, a Norwegian store selling Apple products.

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I definitely have a great December ahead, at least when it comes to advent calendars. Two friends and I have given each other 12 small gifts, so that we all have 24 surprises to look forward to.

And check out Bolia´s advent calendar on their Facebook page – today´s prize is Stack!

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There´s probably a lot of post like this these days – but there is also a lot of cool Christmas ornaments our there. These are some of my favorites!

Rabbit, squirrel and house made of bone china, By Nord


Pantone ornaments by Selab Studio for Seletti – unfortunately they will not be for sale before Christmas 2012.


Pearls on string, Ferm LIVING


Porcelain Nail Ornament


Moustache Glass Bauble


Balloon Animal Ornaments

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