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The Mod Collective

Valissa Butterworth of The Mod Collective creates really beautiful lamps and tableware. The different designs are developed with CAD software and are 3D printed, and then each piece is molded and cast by hand with porcelain. By using pigment directly in the porcelain at the slip stage the material gets a beautiful and deep color.

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animated migration patterns

This animation is made by Even Westvang, and it visualizes the migration patterns of 300.000 Norwegians. The data is generated by cross referencing 8 million tax records from 2006 and 2007 to track changes in postal codes. The result is both fascinating and really beautiful!

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Multi-Tab Power Strip

A clever, customizable power strip, designed by Soon Mo Kong. All images found here.

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Painting with a typewriter

Came across this awesome typewriter via Colossal. This conceptual art piece is made by painter Tyree Callahan, and is in fact a modified 1937 Underwood Standard typewriter. By replacing the letters with color pads, and placing matching hued labels on the keys it has become a “painting device” called the Chromatic Typewriter. Very very cool!

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Restored vintage typewriters

I´ve always loved old typewriters! These beauties are restored and sold by Kasbah Mod.

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Volkswagen Beetle 2012

I´m really not a “car person”, so you won´t find many post like this here. But; I appreciate good design. I love nostalgia. And the new Volkswagen Beetle is definitely cool! Of course, it´s not as quirky and cute as the original model. However, I like how they have managed to combine the retro feel, and the traditional charm and sweetness, with a more modern and sporty look. I think it actually works really well… It looks like a friendly and kindhearted car – but with an attitude!

All images, VW

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NUD extension

I like it when practical and technical stuff also looks good – and why should extension cords be boring? NUD has a good alternative!


black and white


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How brilliant is this!?! I need one of these…

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Our first Mac

My family´s first computer looked something like this. And I´m really not that old…



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