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Back to work – soon

I really haven´t been a great blogger lately, but I´m sure I´m not the only one in vacation mode these days. On Monday it is back to work and every day life, this includes spending much more time in front of my computer, which hopefully equals a lot of inspiration and many more posts! Until then I´m gonna enjoy the weekend, hope you do that too!

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Wonderful weekend

It´s been a busy few weeks and so I haven´t been a great blogger lately. During Easter I was in France but unfortunately there are few photos – I´m really not good at using my mobile camera… But next time I plan to bring a real camera and try to take better pictures, because it´s such a beautiful place and I would really like to share it.

This weekend I´ve been to a fantastic wedding, Jarle Bernhoft concert, and today I´m going to Sunday dinner with lovely relatives – I hope you all have a great weekend too!

Wonderful Copenhagen

Victoria and I are leaving today for a work/fun weekend in Copenhagen. And since I´m traveling with only hand luggage I´ll be leaving my Mac at home(!). Have a great weekend everyone, and I´ll be back next week – hopefully with a lot of Danish inspiration and maybe even a picture or two!

Welcome 2012

Happy new year everybody! I´m back from holiday, and tomorrow it´s back to normal life – and regular blogging! Until then, relax and enjoy the first Sunday of 2012!

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