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Happy Sunday everyone!

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Color palettes

The Colour Field have created these photographs to showcase their predictions for color trends for 2012. I think it´s an unusual and cool way to show color palettes. Photos by Grant Turner.

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Typography Scrabble

This is without doubt the coolest and most luxurious Scrabble set ever made! It´s limited edition, and comes with a solid walnut board and storage case with drawers, a solid birch cover, and of course walnut tiles with different fonts. Available here from August 2012.



Cool puppies!



animated migration patterns

This animation is made by Even Westvang, and it visualizes the migration patterns of 300.000 Norwegians. The data is generated by cross referencing 8 million tax records from 2006 and 2007 to track changes in postal codes. The result is both fascinating and really beautiful!

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Cool creature collective

The project by Supafrank called Creature Collective consists of both furniture and illustrations inspired by “curiosities from nature” – and it´s charming, clever and cool!

“Follow our journey from initial character sketches to pared-down components that distill the spirit of the original creatures. The few simple components can be constructed using just one tool – a mallet – to make up a stool, a hook, a light and a light pull.” (source)

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The stylist´s guide to NYC

I just bought “The stylist´s guide to NYC”, by Interior stylist Sibella Court. The book reveals her favorites places in in New York City, with a great collection of stores, galleries, markets and “refuelling stops” arranged into areas of interest, such as ‘Furniture & Interiors’, ‘Haberdashery, Handmade & Vintage Textiles’, and ‘Art and Objets’. The guide also contains city survival tips, maps and indexes.

The book is so beautiful in itself, in addition to being informative; with matte heavyweight paper, lovely photographs and a great layout (and you even get a separate fold-out-map that looks good enough to be framed and hung on the wall). I´m looking forward to our next trip to NY (whenever that may be…) – in the meantime I´ll just enjoy reading about all these wonderful places…


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Knitted gift wrapping paper

Norwegian advertising agency Tibe T has designed cool gift wrapping paper with a knitted pattern for Eplehuset, a Norwegian store selling Apple products.

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MNKR apparel

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Robin & Mould

Robin & Mould is one of my Etsy favorites, I really love their printed pillows! You can visit their shop, or have a look at their blog.

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