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New York – Oslo

Since my last post a week ago we have spent five great days in wonderful New York City. After being on the road for almost two weeks it was nice to stay in one place for a little while. Also, coming to NYC feels a bit like coming home, because I have been there almost every year the last seven years. I have to admit that no matter where I travel, New York is still my favorite city! This time, in addition to walking mile after mile after mile, we went to Fort Greene Flea, dropped by Brooklyn Brewery (really cool concept where you can buy beer and bring your own food) and spent a lot of time (and money…) shopping in SoHo. We also visited The High Line, my favorite park, which had almost doubled in length since we were there in April 2011.

Now we are back home in Oslo – with cool air, rain, relaxing home life and the best dog in the world! Which is also really, really nice!

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New apartment

Since my last post something really exciting has happened – we´have bought a new apartment! It´s part of a new building project so it won´t be ready for almost two years though… The waiting might be a challenge, but on the bright side I have a lot of time to sketch and plan (and change my mind) when it comes to furniture and decorating! The best things about the apartment is that it´s got two floors, a small garden- and it is near both the city and the sea. Since it´s a new building we won´t really have to renovate or redecorate anything… So my plan is to draw and make some custom, built-in solutions, to make it more personal and tailored for our needs.

In other words, I´ll be collecting a lot of inspirational photos the next two years. For now it´s just a mix of all kinds of spaces, without much direction yet. But here are a few really nice bedrooms…

Budget hotel in Berlin, and SAS hotel by Arne Jacobsen, via Ideas To Steal

Beautiful light wood, and low bed, via Ideas To Steal.

HAY Color Block linen and Loop bed

Alcove bed, via Styledip

Built-in sofa/guest bed, via PYNT

Lifted up bed, via PYNT

Nice gray color and hidden wardrobe, via lovenordic design blog


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Beautiful France!

Here are some snapshots from my little holiday in France. Top images are from the little village of Vance, the middle ones are of the house in Tourrettes sur Loup, and the last two are from Nice.
Have a great weekend everyone!

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zip cushions

Here is a small project I did recently. The Zip Cushion is made with quality wool fabric with a bright, contrast colored zipper. I wanted to emphasize and highlight the function of being able to unzip and remove the pillow case, by also using it as a visual and graphic effect.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Old photo album

Photos of an old photo album, showing a trip to Majorca in the 70’s.

Mountain Morning Wallpaper

Via Family Living I came across this fun kids room

The alp image is actually the same photo wallpaper we have in our hallway… The shoe shelf and coat rack is designed and built by us to fit the very narrow room.

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Animals in my home

I have never really thought of myself as an animal-person, but somehow all these creatures keep sneaking into our home…This is only a selection, and I guess it explains why kids love visiting our apartment.

And here is the newest member of our household, and the only actual living animal, Gismo. He is without doubt the best dog in the world…

Birthday Cupcakes

We celebrated my husbands birthday yesterday – with tiny rainbow sprinkled cupcakes, of course!

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