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Converted Factory

This great converted factory space is done by British architect William Tozer. I really love the combination of wood and concrete, and seriously envy the large and beautiful windows… And what a nice working space! Via Ideas To Steal.

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Nytt Rom

Nytt Rom is a great Norwegian magazine with a focus on Scandinavian design and architecture. It´s less commercial and more laid back than most other interior magazines, and with a lot of interesting and beautiful products and spaces, all of them Scandinavian. Best of all – here you can have a look at a few digital editions. At the website you can also have a sneak peak at both previous editions and the latest issue. It´s written in Norwegian, but it´s well wort it to just have a look at the photos.

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Planetveien 12

One of the most incredible houses I know is the former home of architect and design couple Arne Korsmo and Grete Prytz Kittelsen, Planetveien 12 in Oslo. It was drawn by Korsmo and Christian Nordberg Schulz in 1952-55, and developed by Korsmo and Prytz Kittelsen to be a place for them to both work and rest. To this day the original interior of the house is preserved how it was built.

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