Nashville-Washington DC

On Thursday we left Memphis to travel to Nashville. It was a fascinating place; reminded me a little bit of Las Vegas- except with country music, cowboy hats and boots… (well, I guess you get that in Vegas too…). This was only on the main street of Downtown though – the “Honkey Tonk Row”. We also visited Hillsboro Village, 12South and East Nashville, small and lovely neighbourhoods. We didn’t stay in town for long but still managed to have the best burger (at Merchants) AND the best pizza (at Five Points Pizza) we have ever had! So kudos to Nasville!




The heat seems to be following us through the country. On Friday, on our way towards Knoxville the temperature outside actually reached 126F – seriously, that is 52 degrees celsius!! Didn’t really know that was possible… Thankfully it’s usually “only” around 100ish F.

From Knoxville we drove to Ranouke, at the foot of Blue Ridge Mountain. We were planning to drive the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive over the mountain towards Washington DC. Only when we arrived in Ranouke yesterday there was no motel or hotel room to be found. Okay, we thought, and started moving north, stopping at every motel we came across… At all the places there were other people looking for somewhere to spend the night, and like us they had to keep driving.

After a while we started to realize that something was a bit off. Apparently we are a bit slow – because it wasn’t until late last evening we heard there had been a really bad storm, and that the power was (and still is) out in a huge part of the US. Because of the heat wave and lack of power all the locals were forced to move into hotels and motels. It sounds crazy but there was actually not a room to find in Washington DC and all the surrounding areas- I promise you we tried! So after driving a total of 11 hours we ended up spending the night at a parking lot by a Holiday Inn 30 minutes from Washington.

We are now in DC – at a hotel- many days ahead of schedule. We didn’t get to see Blue Ridge or Skyline Drive, but instead we have a few extra days in Philadelphia. So we really can’t complain!


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