New Orleans

We arrived here in New Orleans on sunday evening, after a 375 mile (600km) drive from Houston. We  spent yesterday wandering around in the French Quarter, just looking and enjoying, checking out the French Market, eating at Mr.B´s Bistro; all the while trying to get as much shade as possible. Seriously – it’s warm!! We actually went to the Aquarium to cool off for a bit (and to look at the really weird seahorses). But it’s wonderful to be here, heat and all!

This morning we are checking out and we’ll drive through the Garden District on our way out of the city. We’re also gonna try to drive a bit along Mississippi, on the Great River Rd, and hopefully pass by an antebellum plantation or two on the way. Our goal is to move towards Memphis, my next post will probably be from there. We are discussing whether we shoul go see Graceland or not. We´re not really big Elvis fans, but I sort of feel like it´s something you have to do when you´re in Memphis… but I guess we´ll just have to see how we feel when we get there!

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