Planetveien 12

One of the most incredible houses I know is the former home of architect and design couple Arne Korsmo and Grete Prytz Kittelsen, Planetveien 12 in Oslo. It was drawn by Korsmo and Christian Nordberg Schulz in 1952-55, and developed by Korsmo and Prytz Kittelsen to be a place for them to both work and rest. To this day the original interior of the house is preserved how it was built.

The house is a modern wonder, with glass, steel, mahogany, teak and Oregon pine – and a lovely modernist color palette. Open areas with sliding doors, stairs that can be lifted up, and wall panels that can be flipped to vary color and surface allows for a flexible use of the space. Every detail is well designed and carefully thought through.

One of my favorite parts are the piles of 85 colored pillows that can be shuffled around and used for seating in the living room. I also love the fold down table in the kitchen that reveals a window when in use.

Grete Prytz Kittelsen is the woman behind the famous and beautiful Cathrineholm enamel products, that are sought after design icons today. Planetveien included a studio and workshop in the basement where she could work on her designs in beautiful surroundings. Prytz Kittelsen lived in Planetveien up until her death in 2010. In march the house was sold, and hopefully the new owner will preserve the characteristic interior and exterior of the building.

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